“With Delivery Courier”: 10 Experts explain you what is it means

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Online shopping is nowadays regular life, when we finished place order online or getting gift from outside city/country, firstly we got a tracking number provided by carrier. To expect goods arrive is exiting experience, the faster the better, normally in the finally day, we always found website indicate status as “With Delivery Courier”. Some times at that day, we are happy to get the present, sometimes you may upset with it, nothing comes! So what exactly mean of “with delivery couier” status? Let’s review 10 of experts and user’s experience as following.

  1. Felipe Barousse Boué, worked at DHL:

What does the message “With delivery courier” from DHL mean? That’s an easy one.

It means your package, parcel or envelope is on its final step before being delivered to its consignee (the person the shipment is addressed to).

A courier from DHL, (also known in some places as messengers) has that shipment in his/her possession; either in his messenger bag or his/her van (or even his motorcycle or bicycle…or even boat or helicopter, depending on the place where the consignee is)… and just went of his daily route.

At some point during his route, he will reach the destination address and will deliver your shipment, ideally to the consignee or, maybe will leave it at a front desk…in some occasions (and locations) he could drop the package at a mailbox or at the porch.

This last step is what “With delivery courier” checkpoint status means.

  1. Ilya Bezdelev, worked at DHL

“With Delivery Courier” It means a courier has received the shipment that he/she is supposed to deliver in the current delivery cycle and scanned a “With Courier” checkpoint. Once the courier finishes scanning shipments, he/she departs the DHL facility and starts the delivery cycle.

Generally, customer should expect to receive the shipment the day the shipment was scanned “With Courier” unless an exception occurs (e.g. customer is not home).

  1. Miklós Muzik, worked at DHL

With Delivery Courier, the shipment is on the way to be delivered at your address. This checkpoint means the courier got the package from the warehouse and scanned it in to his vehicle for his/her daily delivery route.

  1. Maqsood Ahmed, Ams Express courier service

This means when Delivery Man (the one who delivers your Parcel) leaves his office with one or more shipments for delivery. This term is also called “out for delivery”

  1. bkieu-Jelly Bean A oversea Buyer

ZeshanAhmad2014 said:

I tried searching. Couldn’t find anything, most of it was in foreign language.
My order status is Complete, and this is the latest tracking status:
WC With delivery courier
What does that mean, it is noon right now, will it be delivered today?

Jelly Bean Reply as:

Relax, blow up some balloons and prepare yourself a big Welcome sign, pour a glass of Champagne, gather family and friends. Your phone is coming anytime now!

  1. Felix Okoli from Lagos Nigeria

When you are expecting a shipment from DHL from a foreign contact, one of the things you’d need to get from him is the DHL Airway Bill Number in the formal DHL website. It is basically the number you can use to track your shipment online and know when it is coming to your doorstep.

I was able to tack the shipment by making use of the tracking number on DHL’s website and once it read “With Delivery courier”, I knew it was going to be delivered at my home and so I had to plan how to receive it.

  1. Jairus h from Yahoo answer

I waiting for a package and it comes with the DHL delivery company. Does anyone know what is “with delivery courier” menas? It means the package is on the way to my house?

-It means you will have your package delivered that day.
-The “delivery courier” is the DHL driver who delivers the packages to you.
-I agree, it means that you will get you package the same day that you got that message

Thanks for your answers, it really helped me !!!

  1. Kaoskat: Anyone know how DHL works?

I have a package coming to me with them and I’ve never once used them before. I can’t figure out how or when my package is getting delivered even with the tracking! I can’t find any delivery times/days on their website anywhere. All I can find is something about possibly being delivered with the regular mail (which doesn’t run today) but I don’t know if they always deliver with the mail or only sometimes. My tracking status currently says “With delivery courier”. Does anyone know if that means it should be here today? Or does it just mean it’s headed to my PO and will be here tomorrow with my mail?

DHL has several ways to deliver. In Sweden small parcels sent by private persons often show up at the post offices or special service stations and need to be picked up there. But sometimes they come knocking on the door with it as well. I never learn when is what and how. I know IKEA (at least here in Sweden) use them to deliver purchases made online and they deliver to the door.

Well, I gave up trying to figure things out and called DHL and they said it would be here today but it’s still not here. *sighs and waits*

I called again and talked to a dude instead of just a computer so I could make SURE it was coming today and to find out how long to wait. He said it is being delivered today and they try to have residential deliveries finished by 8:00. So hopefully in the next 2 hours or so.

  1. J-lee: Airborne Express / DHL tracking status “With delivery courier”

Shipment Information:

Ship date: 1/3/2018
Pieces: 1
Total weight: 3 lbs
Current Status
With delivery courier.
Est. Delivery Date: 1/9/2018

I haven’t seen any AE or DHL trucks up here (that I can recall, anyway) – so I’m assuming a different courier will actually make the delivery..wondering if I should expect it today or not. I haven’t had anything shipped DHL lately, so I can’t recall if the tracking says ‘on truck for delivery’..

I would assume that to mean it is going to be delivered today. DHL frequently sub-contracts delivery (so you might not see a DHL truck)… you should receive it today though. DHL is full of contracts with USPS sometimes finishes off the delivery.

  1. sn0warmy: What carrier delivered your package?

I ordered my OnePlus 3 late last week, and much to my surprise, the DHL tracking is confirming that it is in the U.S. and scheduled to be delivered today. However, I don’t believe DHL delivers in my area and their tracking indicates that it is “with delivery courier”. So I imagine they partnered with USPS, UPS, or Fedex. However, I can’t seem to figure out which one will deliver it.

Mine was delivered via DHL once it said “with delivery courier”. I was a bit skeptical about this as well as the nearest DHL location is two hours away, but they drove it all the way to my house. The driver text me to ask if she could leave it on our porch, she even asked if I wanted her to hide it somewhere. Kind of weird to text the courier but definitely nice to not have to worry about a $400 phone just sitting in plain view.

Thanks for the input guys. Like others mentioned, I received a text message from DHL after posting this thread that gave me instructions to change delivery or fill out a signature release to let them deliver it without a signature. I went ahead and filled that out, instructing them to just leave it at the front door. But I ran all my errands and no delivery has been attempted yet, so I’ll be here when they do deliver it today.

It’s very interesting that DHL is delivering it directly considering I don’t see a DHL facility anywhere in my entire state, aside from the DHL hanger that is at the Denver Airport. I was previously under the impression that any DHL deliveries in my state would be transferred to UPS/Fedex/USPS for final delivery. I’ll be curious to see if it’s a legitimate delivery truck or if they just hire couriers with standard cars.


With Delivery Courier, in most of express company, means the local courier near you by got the package from the warehouse and scanned it in to his vehicle for his/her daily delivery route. But depend on the distance of the warehouse to your address and parcel quantity arrangement situation, this status most arrive you at the same day or the next day.

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